About Us

After many years of development we decided to take common products and make them better.  Thermaltwist is a reseller of a series of patent pending animated lit technologies and ground up patent pending designs, created by you through focus groups and you (people, parents, and kids).  These products Proudly developed and assembled in North America!, and technology made in North America  Offering a series of premium products, including thermal / hydration water bottles, lunch boxes and Backpack combo set with a detachable lunch box.  Added with patent pending premium hydration water bottle with a dishwasher and microwaveable safe removable insert for the highest sanitized drinking surface on the planet! 

I want to thank my wife and four children for all their help in my projects, for these products were developed partly from my experience gained packing numerous lunch bag and Backpacks over the years.


  Thanks Guys!               

                                                                                                       Designed, Assembled & Panels Manufactured in North America

* Animations will may vary from what shown on web-site.